Small Town, Big Idea Workshop and Pitch Competition

Session I: Problem & Product

October 11th, 2016

Session II: Process & Policy

October 18th, 2016

Session III: People & Promotion

October 25th, 2016

Session IV: Profit

November 1st, 2016

This Fall, Socially Present is presenting another year of the Small Town, Big Idea workshop and pitch competition. This workshop will prepare entrepreneurs to complete a simple business presentation to pitch their idea to potential investors (Shark Tank style). The winner will receive a cash prize and a wide scope of services from our sponsors including legal, accounting, consulting and marketing services. Whether you are a part time inventor or long time business owner wanting to launch your next product line, this seminar and workshop series will inspire and equip you with the tools for success.

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Purchase all four classes in advance for a single $75 payment.

Classes are from 6 PM – 8 PM at the The Commerce Center in the Paducah Bank Community Room.

Sponsors | Socially Present | Marketing Agency
Paducah Economic Development
VUE Magazine
Paducah Economic Development
Kalleo Technologies
L.A. Miller CPA PSC

Pre Launch:

Problem – Each participant can prepare by identifying the problem they are wanting to fix, the demand, and what competition already exist.

Session 1 - Your Product

Session I: Product

In this first session we will get in to everything it’s going to take to make, protect and market your product. Even great ideas can fail if they aren’t prepared, protected and presented properly.

Session 2 - Your Process

Session II: Process

Let’s get organized! Whether it is sales, production, finance or any other area of your business, everything needs a process. This is where we put all the pieces together.

Session 3 - People

Session III: People

Finding the right people is key to building a winning business. Your team, vendors, strategic partners and the RIGHT customers are the difference in becoming the best at whatever you do.

Session 4 - Profit and Your Business

Session IV: Profit

Profit is the name of the game. Putting together a break even analysis, preparing a budget, startup cost and projecting cost and sales aren’t just busy work. We will go through the tools that keep you prospering and profitable.

Small Town Big Idea | Pitch Competition

Pitch Competition:

Details coming soon!!