How Can I Grow My Small Business?

Aug 5, 2015 | Education | 0 comments

So you want to take a risk and start your own business

Entrepreneurship takes an astronomical amount of courage and tenacity to be successful.  One of the biggest struggles that small businesses encounter is budgeting for marketing.  Many can’t afford marketing agencies or business coaches to give them guidance on how to effectively market their product. This is where Small Town Big Idea steps in.  Our goal is to provide an EASY, and most importantly AFFORDABLE solution for your business to hit the ground running.


So what exactly is Small Town Big Idea?

The answer is, a group of people that know the challenges that entrepreneurs face from their own experience. We understand the expenses, time, and lifestyle change that comes with getting started.  This will include a marketing plan that helps you reach your target audience.


How can you help me?


  1. Free Resources

That’s right, FREE. You will be able to find a variety of resources on our website including blogs, tutorials, success stories, links to local organizations,  business products and the latest technology reviews.


  1. Marketing Products

It can be a big investment to have your own unique marketing materials created, trust us, we know.  Small Town Big Idea will offer marketing campaigns. They will be sold non-exclusively to small business owners that are customizable with your very own logo.


  1. Seminars & Webinars

Attending large conferences and seminars are expensive when you add travel, hotel, and the cost of the event itself.  We are offering online webinars and in-person seminars that focus around building a business. These will be facilitated by experts and successful entrepreneurs. You can attend these for a small fee, and by small we mean small.   We are including several subjects including making a business plan, filing your taxes, keeping appropriate records, and identifying your target market. We are developing new topics every day and we welcome your suggestions.

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